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Full Insulation and Drywall Services in Saskatoon

Batt insulation

When it comes to lowering your heating bill in the winter, the first thing that people think of is insulation. It is not just the insulation that we do at dL Insulation Inc. Sure we offer blown in insulation, and spray foam, but we don’t stop there! We also will take care of dry wall, taping, texture, or if you need us to take it all the way to the studs, we can do steel stud framing, or even install suspended ceilings to help avoid any blemishes in your ceiling. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We offer free estimates, and can be flexible to accommodate a time that works with your schedule.

Insulation comes in a variety of shapes and types. We will help you determine what is best for what you are trying to achieve. DL Insulation offers a wide variety of services which include:

  • Batt
  • Poly
  • Blow-In
  • Spray Foam
  • Sound Insulation
  • Dry Wall
  • Taping

Blow-In Insulation:

Both of dL Insulation Inc.’s owners are specialized in attic blow-in insulation. Between the both of them, thousands of attics and counting in the Saskatoon area have been blown-in to the highest of standards, and have kept the energy costs on the down low. We know what you need, and with the cold winters that we experience, there is no need to wait anymore! Don’t put it off any longer, contact us today for your free estimate. dL Insulation Inc. recently purchased the fastest blow machine made, capable of doing 3000 square feet per hour (After setup of course!).


dL Insulation Inc. has a vast array of experienced Batt/Poly installers. With all our installers having a minimum of 5 years’ experience and some with 20 years or more, dL Insulation Inc. can assure your job is done right, and professionally. Whether you are building a new home, have an existing home, basement, or garage, our installers will improve the effectiveness of your home.

This is the most commonly known type of insulation that is used in homes. There are various types of grades and quality of the batt insulation and poly/vapour barrier, but we will ensure that we work with you on your budget, both now and in the future. You can count on us to ensure that you receive the proper material for your needs. Be sure to mention sound proofing if you are looking to keep the noise out or in if you’re more of the rowdy bunch when you call us to book an insulation consultation, better known as our free estimate!

Spray Foam

We specialize in polyurethane spray foam and all of our applications are fully certified. Whether you want your garage cantilever foamed or your basement rim joist, we have got you covered.

Dry Wall

dL Insulation offers the best quality drywall service in the province and has the most experienced drywall crews in Saskatoon. We do complete residential and commercial drywall packages and do the highest quality coffer and tray ceilings.


Our company takes pride in every trade we offer and that’s why we excel in mudding and taping. All of our employees have over 10 years of experience in the drywall industry. We specialize in chamfer, square and bullnose corner bead. Let us give you a quote on your next drywall project.


We offer a water based splatter texture and a higher end knockdown.

Suspended Ceilings

We do a wide range of suspended ceiling tiles, including straight grid or diagonal.

Steel Stud Framing

dL Insulation has an extensive background in steel stud framing. We would love to get you a competitive price on your next steel commercial project.

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